UBN is one of the biggest and most amazing platforms to start networking and making connections in the entire country. I am an introvert and so it's very difficult for me to just go out and talk to someone. But UBN has changed that, not only by giving this immense network to make connections in but also by helping me build my personality and channel all my strengths into my work. I have learnt more in UBN in just 3 months than I learnt in 2 years of college. Guidance from those who are already in jobs help and getting connected to big business owners is another huge benefit. Within my Node I have worked in 2 projects in my PT (Project Team) and my PT is even looking to take paid projects of external clients.
Aman Pandey
Front-end Developer
I am working as a Social Media Manager and UBN has been an immensely powerful platform for Networking. Only after i got into a job I realized the real potential of business networking. I always knew connections help. But never knew connections can be build to such a scale and can be used to achieve almost impossible tasks. I have learnt a lot in UBN. I have learnt things that colleges never teach. I have learnt Personality Development and grew my personality in the real sense and not just how to sit and how to place cutlery on the table. I have worked towards overcoming stage fear, built some great interview skills and public speaking skills in general. All thanks to UBN, I have built new skill that I otherwise thought impossible for me. Education now makes sense.
Kshitij Singh Rathore
Social Media Manager